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Mercury: William Sheehan **** 12 November 2018 - The planet Mercury proves more interesting than our reviewer expects in this well-illustrated book.
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Factfulness: Hans Rosling ***** 10 November 2018 - A remarkable exploration of why we tend to think the world is far worse than it is and what to watch out for to make sure we're basing opinion on the best facts.
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How Smart Machines Think: Sean Gerrish **** 6 November 2018 - Hugely informative and very readable book for anyone with an interest in finding out just what the much-trumpeted AI systems really do. Could have had more on how they fail, though.
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Thin Air: Richard Morgan ***** 25 October 2018 - A heady mix of detective noir with seedy nightclubs, Blade Runner aesthetic and a Martian twist.
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An Evil Guest: Gene Wolfe **** 22 October 2018 - What happens if you put 1940s characters into a future world with space travel, distorted through the remarkable lens of Gene Wolfe's fantasy style? The result is sometimes befuddling but always brilliant.
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Snapshot: Brandon Sanderson **** 25 September 2018 - An idea-driven novella based on an impossible but fascinating concept of physically recreating a day in a city to observe a crime and catch criminals. Interesting twists if you can suspend disbelief.
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Applied mathematician and author David Orrell discusses how the abstract nature of maths makes it possible to avoid getting locked into one viewpoint, and the relationship between the money system and quantum concepts.

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Why, despite an experiment apparently reversing the second law of thermodynamics, it’s still not time to buy into perpetual motion machines.

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The Royal Society Book Prize 2017

Congratulations to Cordelia Fine, who has won the 2017 prize with Testosterone Rexread more.
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