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Life After Gravity: Patricia Fara *** 25 February 2021 - A biography of Isaac Newton's life in London - brings in interesting elements, but overall the approach seems fragmented and the use of a painting as a framing mechanism didn't quite work.
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A Song for Molly: Jeremy Bernstein *** 16 February 2021 - At its best like listening to a scintillating conversation on topics ranging from Wittgenstein to game theory - but the fictional framework of this unusual book leaves a lot to be desired.
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The Quantum Menagerie: James Stone *** 9 February 2021 - Aims to be midway between popular science and a textbook. In practice too much maths for that - but a great introduction for those about to study physics at university.
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A New History of the Future in 100 Objects: Adrian Hon *** 18 February 2021 - Some interesting idea in this SF/futurology take on 'History of the World in 100 objects' - but starts to flag after a while.
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Cracken at Critical: Brian Aldiss **** 12 February 2021 - In what can be seen as an attack on the pretentiousness of some SF of the period, Aldiss cleverly weaves two 1950s/60s novellas into this 1980s novel.
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Inscape: Louise Carey ***** 25 January 2021 - A post-apocalypse novel in a city dominated by tech corporates. Gripping combination of action thriller and exploration of the impact of psychological manipulation.
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Essayist and former physicist Kate Greene tells us about the importance of curiosity, taking a different view of AI and her current literary influences.

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What would being brought up in a 'factory farm' orphanage do to an individual? Science Fiction author Louise Carey discusses the impact of attachment theory and maternal deprivation hypothesis on her novel Inscape.

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