Brain training apps for better brain performance

Some people think that brain training through exercise is a myth. However, certain studies have proved the effects of these exercises on brain cells. It is no longer a myth, but a reality. What is more, ever since the mythical Dr. Kawashima engaged people to train their brain cells using Nintendo, this gaming genre has grown in popularity. This has given rise to apps that are specifically developed for brain training.

These apps have features that improve various facets of your mental capacity. The results are then charted on pretty graphs to show you how you have advanced over a period of time. The following Smartphone apps have since proved to work effectively in improving brain performance:

1. Elevate

This app has cool visuals to keep you entertained. It also comes with dozens of mini-games that dare you to put your wits to test. These games test your focus, memory, mental skills, and comprehension. The app tracks your activities in a built-in calendar to show your performance over time. Difficulty levels are also tweaked to take the challenge to the next level as you grow familiar to it.

2. Fit Brains Trainer

There are over 35 games in this app. These games are categorized according to workout sessions that keep the game fresh and free from boredom. These games test your memory, language, concentration, and other skills. However, Fit Brains Trainer also tests your emotional intelligence (EQ), and this feature sets it apart from many other rival apps in the market.

3. Peak

Some users say that Peak is the slickest brain training app available for Android and iOS platforms. While these views are objective, you should take note of the fact that Peak has a collection of games that are developed to test areas such as language, mental ability, memory, and attention to details.

Also, the app boasts of more than 30 different games to play on a daily basis. The app is available in both free and premium subscription. If you opt for the free membership, you will still have a lot to do with the app. However, as a premium subscriber, you will have access to various features which are not available to free members. The app even lets you personalize your ‘’workouts’’ while concentrating on your stats for the time spent gaming.

4. Lumosity

Lumosity mixes a series of mini-games into your daily routine to make the entire experience fun. Also, the obligatory statistics-tracking feature is provided for users who want to track their progress over time. With a monthly subscription, one can unlock more features as well as games.

5. Cognito

Of the 5 games mentioned here, Cognito is the only app that feels like gaming. It takes you in the route of Euro Palace real money casino apps which actually have a story to tell alongside the game itself. The brain-training tests included here are all about taking you on a spying mission where you will assume the role of a secret agent. Apart from being a game-like app for training your brain, the app has also preserved the iconic features of a real brain-training platform. So expect that this app will test your mental abilities all round while tracking your performance too.

These 5 apps should be downloaded by anyone who wants to improve on their mental skills. But if it gets boring overtime (because some games can get really boring when played continuously), you should perhaps try out Euro Palace casino games for a change. That’s the only way to make the most out of your smart phone.
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