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Infinite Life: Jules Howard **** 4 June 2024 - An exploration of eggs throughout the history of life might sound a bit dull - but the storytelling (and the fascinating nature of eggs themselves) overcomes any concern.
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Quantum Drama: Jim Baggott and John Heilbron *** 29 May 2024 - Painstaking detail on the development of quantum physics. Great for historians or physicists, but not ideal for the general reader.
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Gaia's Web - Karen Bakker *** 22 May 2024 - Important ideas on how effective use of data can transform environmentalism but the simplistic political stance and some writing issues weaken its effectiveness.
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Machine Vendetta: Alastair Reynolds ***** 3 June 2024 - One of the best writers of intelligent space opera packs a huge plot into this finale to the Prefect Dreyfus trilogy.
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The Affirmation: Christopher Priest **** 27 May 2024 - A fascinating, dream-like novel that takes the reader into the relationship between memory and reality, exploring what is real if memory can no longer be relied on - though it stretches things to call it science fiction.
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The Coming Storm: Greg Mosse *** 17 May 2024 - Far too little happens in this sequel to a dystopian near-future novel - and it has a non-ending. Like a filler episode in a TV series.
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Professor Emeritus of Psychology Chris French tells us why he taught a course in anomalous psychology (covering paranormal beliefs and more), how science approaches the paranormal and how long it can take to get a book published.

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Feature - Speculation and Science

Our editor, popular science author Brian Clegg explains why, despite his concerns about speculation in science writing, had to include it in his latest book.

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