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The Greatest Adventure: Colin Burgess *** 24 July 2021 - A solid history of US and Soviet/Russian space exploration up to the space shuttle era, but could do with less detail and more storytelling (plus more on the last 10 years).
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This is Your Mind on Plants: Michael Pollan *** 19 July 2021 - I was sold this as a science book, but there's hardly any science - it's an autobiography of Pollan's experience with DIY psychoactive substances. Interesting on caffeine, but the US cultural influence is so strong, the book was more irritating than interesting.
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A Dominant Character: Samanth Subramanian **** 10 July 2021 - An excellent biography of this flawed individual torn between his excellent work as a geneticist and his flawed admiration of communism.
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Fire of the Dark Triad: Asya Semenovich *** 22 July 2021 - Strangely old-fashioned story of the attempt to revive a failing Earth society by importing psychopaths from colonies on parallel worlds on the theory they're the creative ones. Readable once it gets going, but limited.
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Clarissa: Karl Drinkwater *** 16 July 2021 - One of a series of novellas adding backstory to Drinkwater's Lost Solace series. This is filling an important gap, but the combination of having a ten-year-old's POV with a very inconclusive ending left me less impressed than I usually am with this series.
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Artifact Space: Miles Cameron ***** 13 July 2021 - Excellent space opera featuring a massive interstellar trading ship - nothing too subtle, but very engaging and a solid page turner.
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Author Miles Cameron tells us about the way that the Venetian republic was a model for his future space trading society and how (bearing in mind the limits of SF) he tries to keep ‘within the possible’.

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