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The Curious World of Science: Simon Flynn **** 8 August 2022 - This visual update of Flynn's Science Magpie is the science book equivalent of one of those Victorian 'cabinet of curiosities' - fun and ideal summer science reading.
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The Metaverse: Matthew Ball **** 4 August 2022 - Persuaded a sceptic of the significance of the metaverse and how the real thing would be very different from current demos - but could have been written better, and over-optimistic about overcoming the huge barriers.
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Hothouse Earth: Bill McGuire **** 28 July 2022 - Some might call this book alarmist - but as the author points out, alarm is really the only sensible response to climate change. A forensic analysis of just how bad things could get.
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21st Century Science Fiction: David Hartwell and Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Eds.) **** 26 July 2022 - This 2013 collection of 34 stories, ranging from a 1,000 word short short to a novella, is a great way to discover unfamiliar SF writers.
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Eversion: Alastair Reynolds ***** 28 June 2022 - Although initially set on a sailing ship, this multi-layered puzzle of a book has far more going on than a simple period naval story. Intriguing science fiction.
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Blindspace: Jeremy Szal **** 4 July 2022 - Gripping battle scenes in this long but often engaging second novel featuring a main character enhanced with out-of-control alien DNA.
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Latest Interview

Physicist and science communicator Frank Close tells us of two big surprises from interviewing Peter Higgs (of Higgs boson fame), his next idea for a book and what the enhanced LHC could add to the the Higgs story.

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Feature - Should I self-publish my popular science book?

Our editor, popular science author Brian Clegg answers some frequently emailed questions: How do I get into writing popular science books? Should I self-publish? And how do I get my book reviewed?

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